Vacation With A Private Chef In Your Own Jamaican Weed Mansion

Bud and Breakfast Jamaica Exodus Retreat
Exodus Retreat on Bud and Breakfast

Most people know of Airbnb, the online platform that allows you to rent a place to stay from an individual in various cities across the world. Now there’s Bud and Breakfast – it’s like Airbnb meets weed... AirTHC, if you will.

Bud and Breakfast exists to provide travelers with the world wide web’s largest collection of cannabis-friendly hotels and rentals. As they say on their site, “Vacations should be a time of relaxation, an opportunity to take part in your favorite activity without everyday worries.” In other words, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em... at least when you stay at one of these destinations.

The Need for Bud and Breakfast

Marijuana is marching forward, with more states legalizing recreationally and others decriminalizing. But that doesn’t mean Uncle Sam has warmed to Mary Jane – as we all know, pot is still illegal on the federal level and limited (in recreational states) to use on private grounds. In Colorado, for instance, you can smoke weed inside your living room, but you can’t do it while walking up and down Colfax Avenue (at least not legally). This THC tango of legal-on-the-state-level but illegal-on-the-federal-level requires pot users to remain, in part, secretive: if you are going to use cannabis while walking up and down Colfax Avenue, it’s best to swap out your doobie for an edible.

That is why Bud and Breakfast exists. It helps consumers know that the cottage they’re renting in Oregon is 420-friendly. It tells travelers it’s okay to light a bowl in that villa in Hawaii. It assures those staying in a rustic cabin in Vermont that they won’t be saddled with extraneous fees for fumigation if they enjoy a joint. Remember, even in legal states, it’s up to the home owner whether or not pot is allowed. Bud and Breakfast tells you it is.

Smoking at home is fun, but it comes with challenges – the ordinary, the mundane, the evil-eyed neighbor threatening to call your nana. Sometimes, you want to take this show on the road and Bud and Breakfast affords you that opportunity. They update their site regularly and offer rentals in the US as well as globally.

Pot-Friendly Vacations

It’s only a matter of time before pot (recreational and medicinal) is legal in every state (well, maybe not you, Utah). When this happens, traveling with THC will grow easier, the Hilton morphing in the Herb-ton, Days Inn morphing into Blaze Inn. Until then, Bud and Breakfast offers an excellent resource and a proverbial light.

So, what kind of places can you find on this site?

You can find rentals like the Exodus Retreat, located in beautiful Jamaica – smoke your green among the bluest waters in the world. The Exodus Retreat offers six bedrooms and baths, a penthouse suite, a private pool, beach proximity, and a staff known for pampering and dedication. Per the site, it’s “nestled in the lush hillside directly in front of the golf course of the Jewels Resort and offers 180 degree panoramic views. As a spacious home, it is an excellent choice for families and large groups.”

A private residential beach is located nearby (a twelve minute walk) while the Porto Seco Beach is a twelve minute drive. Numerous attractions and adventures are close, within a forty minute radius.

It’s advertised as “something out of a Mother Goose fairytale sung by Bob Marley.”

Some of the other perks worth mentioning include groceries (they’ll help you pre-order them), daily excursions (they’ll help you plan which outings you want to take), and ground transportation (with a driver ready to go, there is no need to have your Ford Fiesta shipped all the way across the ocean).

The rental can fit between eight and sixteen people (depending on how much of the villa you desire). Reservations start at 420.00 a night, naturally.

The PotLeaf Treehouse is another rental available on Bud and Breakfast. It’s advertised as “something out of a Mother Goose fairytale sung by Bob Marley.” Located in Washington State, it’s a cozy cabin perfect for romance: it sleeps two - tell your in-laws they can’t tag along.

The cabin itself sits high above ground, in a rustic setting. It features a communal firepit, an outdoor shower, and a “pristinely maintained” outhouse. It also has free parking and wi-fi. For an additional fee, and as long as you give advance notice, you can gain access to the therapeutic hot tub in the main house. In a scene straight off a postcard, it overlooks the pastoral countryside.

If you’re an animal lover, bonus! This rental not only allows you to bring your own dog (for an additional fee), but it also has a horse, a donkey, two dogs, and a mini-pig on site (maybe leave your bacon at home).

The cabin is near many of the sought-after sights of Washington, including Steven’s Pass, the Cascade Loop, Wallace Falls, and various Pacific Northwest trails. If you’re an outdoor lover looking for a scenic escape, this retreat is ideal. Hiking, climbing, horseback riding, fishing, rafting, wildlife watching, and mountain drives are all nearby. Indoor activities – such as the theater – sit close too.

The hostess stays on site and will associate with you as much or as little as you desire. Reservations start at $225.00 a night.

Ready to Book?

Thanks to Al Gore inventing the internet, booking a place to stay has never been easier. Bud and Breakfast allows you to book online. Each place has its own set of unique rules (whether or not they allow pets and cancellation fees, for example), so be sure to read the fine print. Once you find the place you like, choose your dates, make sure they’re available, and click BOOK NOW.

Then get to packing... and figure out your favorite bud to bring along.